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Curtis Litchfield
Angie Mulcahy
Jeff Strauser

Community Manager
The Board of Directors

Homeshire Condominium Association is overseen by an Executive Board (The Board) comprised of three volunteer directors, elected by and from the general pool of owners,  serving three-year terms.

The mission of the Board, and the Association as a whole, is to protect and improve the property values of each and every Owner of a unit within the community.

The Board has contracted with AMC Management, LLC to provide assistance with ensuring the day-to-day operations of the community are properly executed, and the resources of the Association are delegated to where they are needed most, accept assessment monthly payments, maintain account ledgers for each Owner, and engage in collection practices against delinquent Owners.  Maintenance requests, general inquiries and questions can be directed to our Community Manager, Jeff Strauser, at AMC Management, LLC by phone at 314-291-1450 or via email to

The Board and Community Manager work together to ensure the Association's property is well maintained, the rules and regulations of the Association are properly enforced, and the Association's business is done in a quality and timely manner.

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